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6degreesofdavid's Journal

six degrees of DAVID BOREANAZ
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come play six degrees of David Boreanaz!!!
its fun! you can challenge others and others can challenge you.

objective: ever play six degrees of Kevin Bacon? ya, its kinda like that. except with David Boreanaz. you try to link an actor or actress with David Boreanaz through movies and television shows in six steps or less.

rules: you can only use MOVIES and TELEVISION shows (all talk shows, game shows, and award ceremonys are void).
and NO answering someone elses challenge (wait yer dang turn).

this community was created by:
nick (enemy_airship) and sonny (jedsahumanoid).
feel free to send us (or just nick) pictures of David Boreanaz in his birthday suit.

uhh..i think that is all for now.